Sunday, February 13, 2011


What gets me is how you can look at this old, dirty, tiny pond, and you love it as if you were overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

I am sitting here on this bench, overlooking this dirty, brown, sorry pond, on the most beautiful day since I have been here. I don't know if I would ever actually admit, but it is kind of beautiful, in a sense.

There is something nostalgic and serene about it-something inviting. Like it holds a hidden worth that most overlook. I am listening to Bebo Norman and am very contemplative. I think today is one of my best here.

I love moments like this; in a world that grips the fast land and hardly has a moment to spare and stop and appreciate all that has been accomplished. As if the Earth is at a stand still, and I have the reigns.Days like this are the result of a loving Prince. How can I compete? I have just been given bliss. To miss this moment would be foolish. I think this place of serenity, of peace, is a tiny glimpse of who God is. This is an outward depiction of what He is doing on my heart. His beauty has me speechless. How can this be? It is though God has resided His very presence on this field. And to stand in His presence is almost tangible. To say you don't believe would be denial or self-enforced ignorance. He is so dominantly here. His presence is so clearly evident. If I could gather all of the lost people and point to this place, this moment in time, it is as if all would be brought to clarity, answering every complicating question, leaving mere inevitable worship.

He is here. My King is on this very bench, as I indulge in His all encompassing love.

He is more than enough. Because when He has my attention, nothing else matters. My heart has been won.

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