Monday, February 28, 2011

Divine Dance

God is leading me in this duet. 
When I started out, I was all over the place- 
I didn’t even know the right steps.
 But God didn’t point out all of my flaws at once. 
He took my hand and,
 step-by-step, we began to move as one
 When He moved, I moved.

 I am still learning certain steps of the dance, 
and trying to improve those I have yet to master. 
But I am learning to take joy in this crazy, sometimes frustrating, beautiful dance. 
Because this dance
-this moment-
is my life


  1. Yes ma'am. But I can't take credit. Anything posted on here was 100 % inspired by God.

  2. I like it. Always remember to let Him lead. (^: