Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He Calls Me Beloved

A little girl loved her daddy very much. But one day he told his little girl that he had to leave for a while. Tears streamed down her face as he kissed her on the cheek and said he would return as soon as he had taken care of some things. Before he walked out the door he said, "wait patiently for me, my dear, for I have a surprise for you. But you must not eat any sweets in the cabinet or make a mess in the living room." For hours she sat there waiting patiently by the door for his return. But after several hours of still no return, she began to get hungry and curious. The little girl went to the kitchen and opened up the cupboard. Spotting a box of cookies she peeked around the corner and took one from the box. "Just one won't hurt," she thought. "He won't even have to know." But the cookie was so good, so she took another. And another. She grabbed the entire box and whatever else she could find and ate until she was sick. At about that time, her father returned home. When he opened the front door, he saw his little girl lying on the floor with a chocolate stain on her face and trash scattering the living room. In sudden awareness of what she had done, she became afraid. Ready to throw out any excuse that came at her she opened her mouth as her daddy set down an unfamiliar box and walked away. Thinking she had dodged a bullet, she followed him back to his room. She cracked open the door to see her father sit down on the bed and a tear roll down his cheek. She ran back to the living room and opened up the box he had brought home. In the box contained dinner for two from her favorite restaurant. She fell to the floor and cried.

"Father forgive me. For I have been a glutton for sweets, when all you wanted was dinner for two." 

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