Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beloved Bride

Precious and weighty thoughts of thine-
Behold the branch that feeds the vine.
I've searched thine heart; I know thine soul,
I've sustained thine hands from the depths of Sheol.
Jealousy-mine heart knows well;
for souls that choose the path of hell.
Deny thyself and I will give you more,
than empty words upon shallow shores.
Overwhelmed and broken hearts-
find in Me a brand new start
No greater love can one comply-
than a father's son sent to die.
I'll pay a ransom; a costless price,
to be your Sacred Sacrifice. 
Invitations my Spirit dwells,
so you might Never bear the nails.
I have engraved your name in my palm,
In your darkest night, I'll make you calm. 
Take my hand, and don't look back. 
For nothing shall my child lack.
On eagle's wings, you shall soar!
I'll give you every thing and more.

Forever faithfully I will reside,
My beautiful sister, my Beloved bride.

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