Monday, July 11, 2011


I could take on the world
here in your arms.
slaying demons in your name.
I could move mountains
with a seed of faith
and withstand the furnace flame.

I could write a book
for every miracle
and the world would be too small
to contain the words
that hold your heart
of your life's impending call

I could win a battle
of a mighty army
with 300 faithful men
I could tame a lion,
raise the dead,
and calm the mighty wind

I could call a nation
to it's knees
if you asked me to my Lord-
I could fight the devil
with but a book
you call the sacred sword.

I could thirst no more
with not one drop,
by the grace of your great love,
but oh the shame
I dare proclaim
when you ask,
"My child, am I enough?"


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  2. Wow really great poem! I love how you've based it on so many Bible verses! But it speaks a great truth at the end, how often we needlessly take our eyes off of perfect to seek fulfillment in things that can never satisfy. I am so glad that He is the author and perfector of our faith! Praise God that in Christ we have overcome! :) I love the section of first John that kind of talks about this (1 John 2:12-17).
    Anyway Great poem!
    Godbless! :)

  3. Thank you for your words of encouragement! Praise God for speaking through His children!

  4. You're a great poet, Alyssa. God's definitely given you a gift. :)