Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Hollywood

 Somewhere down the line
We bought the devil’s lie
That we are broken beyond repair.

All she wanted was to be known.
But she gave her life up for the throne,
And everything she called her own.
She began pursuit of poise and fame
To bring herself a better name
But somehow ended up alone.
She gave it all for too small a cost
Seeking after all she’d lost
Not knowing how much she’d have to pay
She sacrificed her life her will,
For beauty, men, and dollar bills,
How quickly black does fade to grey.
Lost and broken, torn apart
They covered scars and called it art.
Was this the place of no return?
They took advantage and stripped away
Knowing what she’d have to pay-
As they all watched her burn.
Hollywood-God’s got a plan
Bigger than some one night stand
Or a drug that cannot fill
Forget all that you’ve been told
And trade your glitter for the gold
If you’ll just fight for something real
Hollywood-you hold the key
If you will simply bow your knee
And make known a name for a King
Hollywood-you’ll make it far
On more than just a fancy car
Or an empty diamond ring.
You’ve traded commitment for a fling
And wondered why you felt the sting
Of emptiness and pain
You’ve searched so long for something more
Than what you had to bargain for
And all you had to gain
Were empty bottles and broken dreams
Thinking you could seal the seams
With one enticing plea.
Oh Hollywood-when will you see
What it means to be truly free?

1 comment:

  1. that's really good; the first quote reminds me of the song 'Embracing Accusation.'

    "Oh the devil's singing over me
    An age old song
    That I am cursed and gone astray
    Singing the first verse so conveniently
    He's forgotten the refrain
    Jesus saves!"